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Thread: Deleting .dll files

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    Question Deleting .dll files

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to manually remove some programs, but evidently some of the .dll files are in use so I can't delete them. How do you go about getting rid of those?

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    1. End Task
    2. End Process Tree
    3. Try to delete it
    4. Reboot in safe-mode and try to delete it
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    or you can also boot in to dos mode and delete thefile from there. if youre using win nt,2k.xp that wouln't work

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    I'd be careful about just manually deleting dll's that are still active.. if the uninstall applet doesn't work, manually deleting only the files may give you problems because the registry entries are still present. In some cases.. some programs overwrite the standard windows dll's and you'll have to do a bit of work to straighten things out afterword..

    why don't you give us the details on what you're trying to get rid of..

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    If you have deleted the program and .dll's are still running than they may be shared .dll's required by other programs SO BE CAREFULL and make sure you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DELETING.

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