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Thread: Windows Default Processes

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    Windows Default Processes

    Hey Guys,

    My parents have a 1month old 2.4Gh P4, 256Mg Ram etc. and it is struggling to open any programs and even save text in notepad. I have opened the Task Manager and have checked its Performance and the CPU is constantly running at 100% and over 3/4 of the RAM is being used. I have run a LiveUpdate in Norton AV and have ran Ad-Aware6 and deleted all viruses and spyware apparantly, however it is still dog slow...

    I checked the processes in Task Manager and there is 33 processes running. Im sure there shouldnt be that much stuff running. I some one can tell me the default processes or have ne ideas on how to fix it, it would be great (and get the olds off my back when i visit them :P)

    They are running Windows XP Professional


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    That doesn't sound good at all. I also have winXP pro, and I am attaching a pic of my processes and what is in the system tray. It sounds like you have some major problems. I would almost recommend a reinstall of the os. I definetly recommend you run a firewall if you do not already do so. Sounds like you are owned and your comp is being used for something such as a warez server. You may want to post a pic of your processes also, or just list them. Sounds like you have major problems.

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    If you really want to know the number of process your computer needs to safely run, then boot up in safe-mode (by pressing F8 at start up). Then go to task manager and check what processes are running. Also, see if your computer runs any faster in safe mode.

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    heres where i go when i come accross a process running im not familiar with. it not only tells you what the process is but is its safe to stop it:

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    You could also check Here or
    to see exactly what programs are essential or not.
    These are two good sites that list many running tasks on your computer. Good luck.
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    I think it is trojans or virii or any spyware (of XXX :P) i posted a thread today with a review about a very good prog go and download it http://www.antionline.com/showthread...604#post691651

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    All the previous is good advice, I can think of one other strong possibility, and that is a "memory leak" and/or "deadly embrace"

    The reason I say this is that you are running XP Pro, and you have CPU = 100% and RAM = 75%

    If you look at your active jobs you should see something like "idle task" at the top of the list and using a hell of a lot of resource? If not, exactly what processes are using the CPU resource? XP has a built in processor cooling proggy (the idle task program), and you need not worry about it. If it is any other process(es) then that is where the problem lies.

    The RAM value of 75% worries me. In Win98/98se and Me, the resource metering does not work. This is a known problem with those OSes and was never fixed. This problem does not exist in NT/2k/XP, so the 75% can be assumed to be genuine.

    I would suggest that you get a memory management tool such as "Ram Idle Pro" or "Ram Booster" You should be able to get a free version or a trial. I am only suggesting that you use this as a DIAGNOSTIC TOOL, the answer to insufficient RAM is to buy more, unless you have a very old machine and the cost is not justified.

    Boot up as normal, set the memory manager to run with a CPU usage of up to 85%, and force a RAM defragmentation. If this drops the RAM usage down to around 5%, keep using the machine and see if it remains at a reasonable level when you complete each task.

    If the RAM usage drops and stays low when you are not actually running anything, then you have a "memory leak". This happens when one program tries to grab memory before another one has handed it back to the system. It frequently happens on boot up with fast machines, although it can happen when running certain applications together.

    A "deadly embrace" occurs when two programs try to grab the same resources. This usually freezes the machine, but not always.

    To sort it out you have to

    1. Determine your essential processes from booting in safe mode
    2. Boot normally and shut the processes down one by one until you find the culprit.

    The issue can frequently be resolved by changing the boot sequence. The easiest way to do this is probably to uninstall and re-install the offending software, although security stuff will try to load itself first.

    I will probably get flamed for this but this is my personal opinion and based on numerous incidents: Start by uninstalling Norton make sure you are not on the Net.......I have come across at least a dozen machines with problems that were Norton related. Then try a re-installation, and do not have it doing "background scanning".

    You should only have one AV doing "interactive" scanning as well.

    Just a few thoughts


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    Try not to keep ur disk space full and also try running disk defragmentation alone with no processes running around,might help.Though all the symptoms indicate more of a hardware problem sa nihil mentioned.Try having asmall program called freeramxppro might also help,
    good luc'

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    I heard that defragmention damage the HDD if u doing it usually as the M$ advice u. M$ is in the system try to trick u to get money... it's the cycle of companies that trade us like numbers.

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    Try not to keep ur disk space full and also try running disk defragmentation alone with no processes running around,might help.Though all the symptoms indicate more of a hardware problem sa nihil mentioned.Try having asmall program called freeramxppro might also help,
    good luc'

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