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    delete ur last post plz

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    I do not think that hard drive capacity or fragmentation are a problem at this stage, as the machine is only one month old.

    ii-monk, I think that it is something of a trade-off? if you do not defragment your system performance will deteriorate. If you do, then you are putting work on the HDD, but is it any more than I/Oing from a fragmented drive?


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    Well you take the point very deep and i can't follow you. I now believe you as i see you have further knowlegde on the object.

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    While some malware may not show.. the task manager is the first and easyest tool to use when you have an "over active system"..

    Bringup The task manager vis CTL-ALT-DEL click on the Process tab.. and see which process's is hogging the CPU time..

    Another tool.. is the configuration utility.. msconfig.. Start- Run .."msconfig" OK..
    Click on the STARTUP tab.. get a list of what you have there..

    NOt saying that this is your problem.. I had a system recently that was as sluggish as.. used the steps outlined above.. oh and the steps I outlined in one of my tutorials..
    I found a process Dos64.exe was using some 60% of the CPU time
    Disabled it and a couple of other "odd" apps in the startup .. problem solved.. except for a clean of the registry and removal of the trojan files..

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    Couple of things come to mind as I have delt with several of these sorts of problems.

    Does it have an HP printer attached to it? We have had one HP printer (PSC750) that certain process takes up 100% of the processor for about 5-6 hours before stopping. Also, do you have any Folding @ home or Seti @ Home programs running? Many of my users complain about the processer being at 100 % all the time and forgot that they installed such a program.

    The exact name of the process taking up 100% of the processor would be great to have...
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    Originally posted here by ii-monk
    I heard that defragmention damage the HDD if u doing it usually as the M$ advice u. M$ is in the system try to trick u to get money... it's the cycle of companies that trade us like numbers.
    You heard wrong. Disk Defragging is no more harmful than anything else you do on your computer. All defragmenting a disk really does is re-organize the bits of data to free up larger chunks of surface space on the disk's writable surface as well as make accessing files a bit quicker. Basically, it's no more harmful than moving a file from one folder to another.

    If you work with a large number of files I recommend defragmenting your disk monthly as things can get bogged down if your harddisk has to scan its entire surface to find every bit needed for a certain file to execute.

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