This is just short tut on changing the xp bootup screen so you don't have to look same screen everytime you bootup your computer.

OK, so windows boot up screen is located in c:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe . So to make your own boot up screen is little time consuming and need artistic mind to creat something very attractive, but you can download custom made bootup screens, from
go there and click on bootup. Then download your favourite one, create a saparate folder in c:\ to get easy access to download bootup theme. Now see the bootup screen you downloaded it has two .exe files ntoskrnl.exe and ntoskrnl1.exe. You have to make sure which service pack you have installed in your system, to see that right click on my computer and select properties. If you have service pack1 installed. Then go to system32 foler and backup your original ntoskrnl.exe file to old_ntoskrnl.exe or anything you can remember, just in case if something goes wrong. Back to service packs, if you have service pack2 installed then go to your downloaded bootup screen, you just downloaded and then change ntoskrnl1.exe to ntoskrnl.exe and move it to system32 folder otherwise just move ntoskrnl.exe to sytem32 folder, if you have service pack 1 installed. Now all this you have to do in safe mode, otherwise you wont be able to rename original ntoskrnl.exe file in system32 folder. To get into safe mode press F8 while your system started to reboot. You will get into the safemode. Now first, rename ntoskrnl.exe in system32 to something you could recognize. Then copy ntoskrnl.exe to system32 folder from that downloaded bootup theme and save it as ntoskrnl.exe. Now reboot your computer. Your newly installed bootup screen should kick in now.