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    TDS-3 - good... | Trojans - bad...

    2 months ago i thought my pc may have many (: BAD trojans and virus. So i did a search and i found the greatest trojan defense system - 3 of DiamondCS. I saw a review about it and i was amazed by its power. On the other hand i thought they may have made it big deal, but as i installed it. It found so many trojans and reg keys, but also some virus (even it is a TROJAN defense system-it also can find SOBIG and BLASTER). Then i realized that it is true. This is the ultimate defence prog from trojans.
    It has some enchanted utilities to test how when a trojan get activated it kill and deleted like NetBus. It has a good alarm from the PC speaker (the beeps we hear sometimes). It can scan any pc on any network u are part of it and find open ports. It also has a port refence so when u see from the scanner that a port is open check what trojan is running through this port.
    Get it as soon as possible. It updates about 2 a week.

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    They also offer Registry Prot, a free product that alerts you of attempts to add to or change the Registry. Make sure that you get this as well


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    I'm on the way to this... I downloaded, but i found sth better.. the Port Explorer a prog that finds what is running on this ports and you can close them forever. The first thing i did was to close the 12345 ;P

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