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Thread: Found this what is it?

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    Found this what is it?

    What is this HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\rfrxkxshooshwee ?

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    Originally posted here by GrApHiCTrOn

    Do you have any software named rfrxkxshooshwee or have you donwloaded any suspicios file or has someone send you a file that doesn't open ?

    It could be a custom made Backdoor, or something like that. Do you have an AV and a firewall ? ? ANy files of programs that you have installed lately before you found rfrxkxshooshwee in the registry

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    Can you expand the Registry tree? It should be software of some sort, if you can find the path you should be able to find the app that it refers to.

    You should get AdAware 6 from lavasoft and Spybot Search & Destroy; update and run them in safe mode, along with your AV.


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    Dup thread deleted.
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