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Thread: Stress, how to deal with the inevitable horror.

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    Stress, how to deal with the inevitable horror.

    Okay, this is a tutorial, it does relate to computers (Albeit indirectly) and it is written in a short and concise fashion. HOWEVER, it isn't really a tutorial about anything in computing, and its not really all that serious. So, it's possible it should be in the Tech humor section instead of the tutorial section. If that is the case in your view, please just say so, and I'll move it.. However.. I thought it fitted here better. I am new though, So bear with me.

    Dealing with the inevitable breakdowns.
    Its seems like life is constantly trying to drive us insane. Every day as we work eat and indeed, play It throws new things in our faces. Perhaps you have experienced this with your computer, as I'm sure we all have.
    You are sat, working hard at some amazing new program, some wonderful new story or just a simple little essay when, for no reason you can fathom, windows decides to just die. You haven't saved for hours because, Like most good writers, you were in the "Zone" Letting the work flow into you.
    This is especially disturbing if you are in what programmers call "Deep Hack" mode. That process where you are storing a ton of "loose state" in your head, Typing away like a crazy buffoon. You've been working for hours on this new product when... BOOM, its all gone.
    Theres no way to get that back, its gone, vanished in a huge POOF of stupidity.
    How do you deal with that? What process can you use to stop yourself from having to commit suicide on the spot?

    Every different person reacts differently to the horrors of this situation. Some people react by giving up. They just say "Screw it" and cease to do anything with the work they were once so proud of. Nothing wrong with that, but it does tend to suggest the hours you wasted were REALLY wasted instead of just "practice". Some people kick and scream for a few hours, and then get back to it... Preferable than the last in my book, but still.. Thats a lot of energy that could have been used to help write the previous product better.
    My technique is simple, we're all taught it as kids, whilst learning how to ride our bikes. If you fall off, get straight back on and ride like the wind. I apply this to all things. Whether I am programming, Writing an essay, Or even riding my bike, I find it best to just get straight back on.
    So this is it, my tuturial for dealing with stress.

    1. Read up on Stoicism. This is important, mainly because it teaches the simple facts of life. You are ****ed. Life owes you nothing, You might get good things repeatedly. Don't get comfortable, It won't last forever. Fortune shines upon you, but later.. She'll most likely **** on you. Enjoy what you have now, Just don't get attached, it'll all be gone soon enough. To get you started, Visit http://www.utm.edu/research/iep/s/stoicism.htm. Also, Go to the bookstore.. That never hurts.

    2. Learn patience. There's a reason this is known as a virtue. Its far less stressful if when confronted by the knowledge that you have a long night of work ahead of you, you just get on with it, Rather than whining about it, and then not getting any of it done. It'll take you less time if you patiently sit down. Patiently get on with it, and patiently put up with problems.

    3. Learn how to save. This is vital in any case, Its most likely you don't save often.. That makes sense, I know I don't. I still haven't mastered this, but it should be mentioned as common sense even though I'm too dumb to do it.

    4. Take it as a lesson. You've worked hard on this project, a lot of it, once gone, is gone. But you are not dumb, You did it once and you CAN do it again. This time round, remember what you DIDN'T like before and take that OUT. Remember the old work, but use its loss to get in some practice with things you would normally not get practice in.

    5. When finished, go out and get drunk. This last ones not a requirement.. but it might make you feel better about it all. Of course, Each of us has a different loosening technique. This is just the traditional one. Personally I find going onto the internet and whining in chat rooms about the horrors of windows works.. or sometimes just argueing about something pointless. Whatever floats your boat.

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    I wouldn't call it a tutorial or something for tech humor. I think we need a words of wisdom forum, and this would go there. I like what you said about just getting back up and riding again. A lot of us think that is what we would do, but when something actually happens we probably end up just complaining for an hour or so then starting over. That is probably what I would do unless I had absolutely no time to waste. Thanks for the advice, I am working on a program right now for my CS class and after I am finished I will start and english essay. So this came at the right time. I don't think I have too much to worry about with the computer program since it is being written on a linux box, but I will be typing the essay in MS word on a windows box, so I will definetly keep this in mind. I will also save every minute or two. Thanks for the Words of Wisdom.

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    Read up on Stoicism. This is important, mainly because it teaches the simple facts of life. You are ****ed. Life owes you nothing, You might get good things repeatedly.
    When finished, go out and get drunk.
    This seemed more appropriate here than in tutorials. Different people deal with stress differently. I personally go and work out at a gym or go for a long bike ride (6-8 hours long).

    Personally, I wouldn't use alcohol as a method of dealing with stress as it's a depressant and IMHO can make the situation worse rather than better, especially if it's an extremely stressful situation.
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    If I'm stressed, I either go and hop in a plane and fly around for a couple hours. That usually releieves stress pretty good for me.

    Either that, or I'll go play a game for a couple hours.
    This is what I usually do if I have 8 hours to turn in a 8 page essay. lol

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    Stress killer = intense sex
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    Originally posted here by RoadClosed
    Stress killer = intense sex

    i agree 200% in this one. Sex is one of the best medecines available and its free. If you have alot stress and go an have sex its probably gonna be really good sex because you release your stress and other problems there, and also if you have the flu or a headache its really good to make them go away And ist a complete workout

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