For those looking for more resources, sometimes it can be hard to find centrally located "stuff". I use mailing lists to keep up-to-date on the weird and wonderful of what goes on "out there". I subscribe to a few security lists. Most notably are:

SecurityFocus lists including BugTraq: Not bad but heavily moderated and has a weird list-serve that sometimes bounces when it shouldn't.

Full Disclosure: Lives up to it's name. Anything goes. The more open, the better. Careful tho'. They can be quick to flame wars. If you're ultrasensitive type, might not want to post here.

The newest one is a Security Coding Mailing list. You can find it here:

The group's purpose is, "to further the state of the practice of developing secure software, by providing a free and open, objectively moderated, forum for the discussion of issues related to secure coding practices throughout a software development lifecycle process (including architecture, requirements and specifications, design, implementation, deployment, and operations)."
Further information about their charter can be found here