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Thread: home user setup

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    home user setup

    im setting up a box for my brother w/ windows xp pro, i made a limited account for him, how do i set more setting past the jus limited (being able to install his games w/out becoming admin, or running his games or aim ,etc.) , and also deny access to the internet after a certain time on certain days, if that is possible.

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    I don't think you can accomplish the permissions you would like as far as administrative rights go. For the time-limited internet access, you're going to have to use a third-party program. CYBERSitter is one such program that supports this feature. See http://www.cybersitter.com/advanced.htm

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    Only thing is, Cybersitter sucks really, really badly. Go with something like Websense, or for lockdowns try Fortress.

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    you won't be able to run most games on a limited account, they need access to too many
    resources. Do you want to restrict time on the computer or just internet access times?
    If you want to restrict logon times you can do it through the command prompt using the
    net user commands, you can restrict logon times, days, etc., you can even force logoffs.

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    I remember seeing a program over at networkpunk.org about a "punklock" program that does something similar to what you are asking about. It's a freeware program of theirs (NP.org)Never tried it out though, so I wouldn't know what to tell you about it.

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    I had this problem, also where my mom was a limited user, but I wanted her to play games. I added her account to the power users, and this alowed her access to more games but not all. I eventualy gave in and gave her an admin acount.

    However if you would like to try the power user, go into admin tools> computer management from the controll pannel. Double click on Local users and groups, and then users. Double click the user you would like to make power user, and click on the Member of tab. Click on Add, then Click Advanced, and Find now, in the list chose power users, and click ok.

    This works in XP Pro I dont know about home

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