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    What is svc host, should it be running on my computers and should it be taking up so much memory here is a screenshot

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    svchost is an application that works as a host process for services that run from dynamic-link libraries.

    Basically, its somethign to ensure that windows runs correctly. Nothing to worry about.

    for future inquiries, Google will usally give you the correct asnwers to.

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    Cheyenne1212 is perfectly correct

    You might have "heard something" about the Welchia/Nachi worm that is associated with svchost.exe? This is a fake that it creates in the ..../wins/ directory. NOT to be confused with the legitimate version in your system32 directory. If this is a worry, just update and run your AV, and apply the latest OS patches.

    Your "services" tend to be grouped, with each group having a seperate instance of svchost running it.

    If you feel that the amount of memory being used is excessive it could be that you have allowed stuff to register itself as a service and start automatically on boot-up, that you don't really need?

    I should not worry about it unless you are getting out of memory errors though, as I have always taken the view that 256Meg of RAM that never gets used might as well be in your desk drawer

    Hope that this helps.

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    hERE is a link to w32.Bugbear.b@mm worm removal tool .The one that nihil was talking about
    It creates a folder in C:\windows\system32\wins\svchost.exe and other *.exe


    If you have an AV download all the updates and also WIndows Update

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    Although usually benign svchost actually is somewhat of a 'wrapper' really for something executing as a service and it is possible for malware to run under this context. If you would like to examine just exactly what IS running inside of svchost there is a program with the Windows Resource Kit called "tlist.exe" (For Win2k) which shows all the currently running threads and can be used to peek inside svchost.

    Sample "tlist -s" output:

    312 LSASS.EXE Svcs: Netlogon,PolicyAgent,SamSs
    496 svchost.exe Svcs: RpcSs
    572 CDANTSRV.EXE Svcs: C-DillaSrv
    628 DefWatch.exe Svcs: DefWatch
    120 svchost.exe Svcs: EventSystem,Netman,NtmsSvc,RasMan,SENS,TapiSrv
    716 Rtvscan.exe Svcs: Norton AntiVirus Server
    796 PGPsdkServ.exe Svcs: PGPsdkServ
    856 mstask.exe Svcs: Schedule
    772 WinMgmt.exe Svcs: WinMgmt
    952 svchost.exe Svcs: wuauserv
    724 svchost.exe Svcs: BITS
    104 explorer.exe Title: Program Manager
    Here is a link to some of the common services and their process names http://www.ss64.com/ntsyntax/services.html


    I believe Windows XP comes with a version called tasklist which can be used with the /SVC switch, but I'm not sure if its on Home and Pro.

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