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Thread: rearranging earned site benefits...

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    rearranging earned site benefits...

    OK...lots of folks biatch and moan about newbies, lamers and such (and probably me too, for that matter) that dilute the forums and post whores who post in nothing but GCC, Cosmos and Tech Humor to get their post count up and gain status. Admittedly, the horse is already out of the barn here, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't fix the barndoor. I think that the 3 afore-mentioned forums, GCC, Cosmos and Tech Humor should be EARNED benefits with the same threshold that is in place with the Addicts forum. We've had quite a few newbies stirring up crap in those forums lately, so why don't we just take their little soapbox away from them? Admittedly, they will post in the wrong forums for a while, but if Neg and MsMittens just DELETE those posts then things should calm down and the site could be re-focused on security matters. Any thoughts?
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    I would go along with that, with one amendment:

    Add a "Software" category to the "General Technology" forum. It has "Hardware" & "Web" at the moment. The reason I say this is that I have seen, and even attempted to answer a number of software related issues in GCC.

    Even though we are a security community, I feel that it is reasonable to be able to ask these sorts of questions given that members are likely to know the answers?


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    I would agree with AllenB on the matter of there being a lot of post whoring lately. However, we must bear in mind the fact that this is not only a security site, but also a community. Part of the reason AntiOnline is such a wonderful place to visit is the overwhelming sense of community here. By allowing people to join this site we must realize that we are also allowing them to be a part of this community. Denying them the chance to converse with other members of this community would diminish this feeling. Besides, most if not all of the regular posters in threads like the non-sensical thread are 500+ posters anyway.

    I would suggest some kind of forum where posts aren't counted. While at first I might think that noone would ever post there, I also realize that even self-proclaimed post whores (no names) aren't posting chitchat just to up their count. Believe it or not, some might actually simply want to talk.

    Perhaps designating the aforementiond forums as non-searchable would work as well. I use the "view more active threads" link quite often (I have it bookmarked), which is simply a search for new posts in all forums. If this function were not designed to search these forums, the subsequent result page would not be cluttered with them.

    Also, most newbies, while they may post stupid questions (there IS such a thing), do not generally flood GCC with BS. Most are actually here to learn something and ask what they believe are relevant question, and a lot of them are. It is only later when they realize the benifit of a high post count do people start whoring or taking part in general discussions not related to site matter.

    I propose the following solution: Two GCC forums, one which is accessible to all members, and a second one accessible only after Jr. Member or Member status is achieved, in which posts are not counted. If we all simply frown upon more senior members posting in the former, I think the problem would become a lot better.
    Generally, I would tend to believe that people here who know a lot of others really do want to make this site better and would be more than willing to follow these suggestions. We need only a respected moderator to bring it up and ask people not to babble where your posts are counted. Remember when Negative asked people to not hand out AP's in Cosmos? That worked quite well. I think the same would work in this case.
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    This second GCC forum you want -- how is that different from the Addicts forum?
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    I propose the following solution: Two GCC forums, one which is accessible to all members, and a second one accessible only after Jr. Member or Member status is achieved, in which posts are not counted.
    That's a dumb idea. What's the point? There already would be one and a second one for after Jr/Member status? Then a "third" for after Addict status? No point..

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    wtf ? rofl. Striek, you suprise me man lol

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    GCC has a lot of Security Related/Computer related questions which may or may not fit on any of the other sections of this forum. I believe you shouldn't restrict access to these forums..

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    Well, i think its a great idea, lets just exclude the GCC forum, and take out cosmos and tech humour from post counts. If this does make a positive difference, then we can see in the future what else to implement on this subject.

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