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Thread: Need help quick?

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    Need help quick? Use the Voice Chat Room!

    Well, I've recently found a need to setup a teamspeak VoIP type server. Its up and there for all to use, absolutly free. If you feel like joining in the fun, goto www.teamspeak.org and download the client software. They have a client for win32 and for *nix.

    Then see the thread here in the addicts forum.

    Its basically an IRC for your voice. All you need is a microphone and some speakers. (headset's work the best)

    Its great for helping someone get a system up and running, minus all the typing.

    At this time you must have Addict or higher membership to utilize this service. So get posting!

    For questions or concerns feel free to contact me.


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    Yeah, teamspeek is really, really cool. I use it a lot for a radio show when we do discussions, but for general call-ins I tend to use Skype. It's similar, but more of a one-on-one type program. Anyways, my post is just to second what he said in that it's a great program.

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