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    Could this be a potential threat to systems? If the file Cusrmgr (part of the Win2K) resource kit allows you to write a batch program to change passwords. Could someone send you a zip file with a Bat or Exe file that places Cusrmgr on your system and a batch file in your startup folder to run cusrmgr.exe -u administrator -m \\YourSystemName -P Password which will change your Admin password to a PW of thier choice?

    If this could not be a threat, what is stopping it from running? If it can be a threat. How would you counter this?

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    Never open files from someone you don't know, especially if it is a .exe, or .bat or any other executable. Even if it is someone you do know, don't open it. Send an email or call them to confirm what it is.

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    yeah, i guess h3r3tic is right, you just gotta trust whoever you open exes from....interesting thoughts though....

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