In case somebody thinks this is in the wrong place, whatever, it made sense to post it here.

My school runs on Win 95 machines, each of them with Novell Netware 3.3x on them. One day I forgot my password and decided to test the system. After a bit of fiddling around, I found you could hot-open the Tasks menu (on the computer, the combo was Ctrl+Alt, then Win key) and run programs from there (albeit slowly). I'd even have net access from this method! Near anonymous net access! I've tried this on a number of other terminals, but the hot-key wasn't the same. Anyone know other ways to bypass 3.3x or other combos for the Tasks box?

PS: Dont call me lazy for not going to the admin to get my pass. That's not really the point of hacking (well, in this case, otherwise I would of never found this; Also, can somebody tell me how to *edited from previous* access locked controls like Display (no stabby please) , some terminals are really messed up in the rez...)