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Thread: CPU Frequency

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    CPU Frequency

    Ok well i need some help with setting my CPU frequency etc.

    I got a Asus A7V600, AMD XP 2700 and 512mb of DDR3200. It has 4 settings already in there to chose 1300mhz, 1766, 2136, 2600 or something like that, but if i chose the two faster ones my systems hangs and wont turn on.

    So anyone know a site or what the settings should be

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    make sure the ddr ram speed settings match the front side bus speed settings or else the system will hang, also check and see if you have a "high performance defualts" option, using that should automaticly set your mobo to the highest safest speed settings. also check the asus website for bios updates, and FAQ, those could hold some possible answers http://usa.asus.com/index.htm
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    Just follow what alphaflux said there, but if your going to be overclocking that much, then you need to have a pretty good colling system onboard. Otherwise, you might be in some trouble.

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    I believe the AMD 2700 runs on a 333 Mhz FSB. It is likely that the higher two settings are attempting to run the chip as if it were on a 400 Mhz bus and therefore crashing.

    And remember, AMD model numbers represent data rate, not clock speed. Basically the same way memory speed is measured, i.e. PC3200 = 3.2 Gb/sec = 400 Mhz. I would think that a 2700 normally runs at around 2.16 Ghz. Check to make sure that the speed settings are correct. The system bus should be set at 166 Mhz with a 13x clock multiplier. It is possible the motherboard is not setting everything correctly at the 2136 speed.
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