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Thread: How to combine C++ and vb.net?

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    How to combine C++ and vb.net?

    Does anybody knows how to combine c++ and vb.net in a single application? vb.net for i/face and processing with c++.. though it is better to use c#, i am just curious is it possible?

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    for me i havent tried it but i think it is possible cause that wats .net framework work... but for knew that it isn't possible am going to ask my friend about it just pm me and if you wanted to get some info about .net script check this site this is or club in school maybe you can try to answer some exercise and learn from the tutorials... http://www.mdndevare.cjb.net/....
    thanks bye

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    Create a COM DLL in C++ and use interop to reference it in your VB.Net prog.
    I assume you're coding for windows, otherwise give up on using VB.Net.

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