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    law law LAW

    heyya all,
    got another query.you guys said in my earlier post that it was iilegal by net laws to share a resource over which we have limited priviledges like games, over internet.
    now it happened that i found a site that is providing full version of games and also movies download for free!!!!!!(thats what they claim).
    really i was very happy to find that some of them were my long time favourite.
    but now i want to know something.
    even if these ppl who illegaly(?) share their amount of accquired resouces,how is that they are not caught for doing so(i m talking about the downloads they are providing of movies etc)?
    and if they can't be caught
    why are'nt there websites moved away or out of the net?
    last question what did they get by doing so?
    the very last one why can't i do so?(HEH,HEH)
    really its nothing like i hate them, inspite i like them for providing things for free but i m curious about there way of working.
    bye all

    P.S-you know i think i will open a website myself that will have all links to such freebies pasted there.so why don't you and i work together and create a new
    world. a world which goes out of conventional way and frees our mind i think
    this is the FINAL REVEALEATION.we have found our karma lets dedicate ourshelf to it.(ha,ha,ha.....).WE SHOURE WILL MAKE A BLOCK BUSTER.
    (all the crap means send me some other same type of links ,if you have got some,
    i just want to see the depth of these things)

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    Keep in mind that the law relates to the nation you are in. Some nation are more "lax" in their pursuit of software piracy. You might want to use your favourite search engine to search for copyright laws, cyber crime laws and any others that might be relevant.

    The site in question.. it wasn't something like downloads.com was it?
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    You can also get permission to put some things on the net. Freeware is freely distributed, as long as you inform the person that created it. So is shareware, as long as you don't remover the information on how to register it. Some songs and movies have become free also, just to try and get them out there. As long as you have permission from the copywrite holder, you can host it. The hard part is getting that permission.
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