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Thread: I'm scared

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    Exclamation I'm scared

    Hi I as well as many other people don't like the idea that people(including the Government) can just at look what I do online or even whats on my computer. Regardless if what I'm doing is illegal or legal I believe I should be able to have privacy. The only thing that I've heard of is to use proxy servers and a program called a proxy scrambler which Continuously changes the proxy server (say every hour). If these exist can anyone tell me how to get them (for free..plz) and if i can't do this with proxy servers with what and how can I. Thx for all your help

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    Search www.google.com there you can find tons of info regarding Proxys and been anonymous online

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    There are many Anonymous proxies out there you can use...

    www.the-cloak.com(this one is restricted by time)

    I like www.proxify.com

    Also look into Multiproxy
    and Proxy Jumping

    I believe there is a section on this site all about it..I will link it later..

    Good Luck
    and remember...
    Know matter how PARANOID you are...your not PARANOID ENOUGH!!!

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    Just remember, just because you have a proxy, doesn't discredit the information that your own ISP has about you or can gather if need be. Proxies are only effective when surfing the web, when it comes to things like Kazaa and the like, I would use a firewall. If you're very concerned with what you do, i would suggest doing some research on some *NIX platforms. There are some very effective ways that you can use a 486 to function as a NAT, Firewall, and Proxy.

    But you are by no means invulnerable....
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    Actually many programs support using a proxy, including Kazaa Lite++. As for the constantly chaning proxy, check out MultiProxy, it does exactly that, and can change them alot quicker than every hour.

    I've seen this topic discussed so many times its insane, but I feel its necessary to say this: privacy doesnt exist online! No number of proxies, compromised routers, rooted servers, or anything else really makes you anonymous. It just adds a bump in the trail to your identity and what you are doing online. When you think about it, a proxy might say its Anonymous, but whats to say the person running that server doesnt keep every single log generated? Then its as simple as either compromising their system (if its a cracker whos tracking you) or in the case of the government just send a subpoena for the logs, and they have to, and WILL provide the logs. The bottom line is this; if you really want anonymity, the internet isnt the place for you.

    *that rant wasnt directed toward anyone, just felt like getting it out and making a point*
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    try JAP http://anon.inf.tu-dresden.de/index_en.html

    as all other tools, it's not full proof, but this one actualy comes close..

    Attention! The first release of JAP is downloadable free of charge and already protects your privacy against most observers like your ISP, your network operator, or your boss. However, this version does not yet achieve the full security and anonymity that we strive for. It does not protect you against an adversary who has the capability to observe all communication links on the Internet.
    JAP is free and cross-platform (java application)
    it sets up a local proxy and transmits all data (requested and received) encrypted..

    As a friend of mine told me about security.. You might not be able to stop them, but you can slow them down..
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    Good call Jinx...Thats a good program, but it is very slow....Even with a cablemodem...

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    If people took all their old computers and hooked them up, and set them to not take logs. Plain and simple.


    PS: I suppose I may be to idealistic

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    Oh yeah? do you really believe in that?

    Regardless if what I'm doing is illegal or legal I believe I should be able to have privacy.
    Do you condone Child pornography, arms dealing, terrorism, slavery, drug dealing etc?

    If what you are doing is illegal then you deserve no privacy. If your acts are contrary to the wishes of an oppressive regime, then you have no democracy, so the issue is irrelevant; if what you are doing is legal...you have nothing to fear?

    With the right authority your mail can be intercepted, your bank accounts investigated, your lawyer interrogated, your telephone tapped, your house bugged? and so on.............. It is up to you to ensure that you elect "the right authority", or go and live in an anachist state/ desert island or whatever.

    Suppose my ambition is to "Slit your mother's throat, rape your sister, eat your dog, then shoot you in the guts with a couple of 30-06 mercury explosive bullets" Should I have the "privacy" to do that? or would you prefer the protection of society, no matter how flawed?

    //RANT ENDS//

    Good luck, and I agree with the prior post that points out that there is NO privacy on the internet...only self-delusion


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    nihil...i gotta give it to you bro, you're a really bright person and you hit the bullseye. (again ).

    One way to protect your privacy is to stay OFFline, 24/7/365 in your house, unplug your phone, shut your windows and blinds, make your house soundproof....and even then there'll be someone keeping an eye on what you're doing....Be scared only if you have something to hide. I doubt the government is going to hunt you down because of those naked pics of whoever in your comp...until you cross the line...an its a very very thin line.

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