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Thread: Longhorn on Sale?

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    Longhorn on Sale?

    Software pirates in Malaysia sell Microsoft's next Windows system


    JOHOR BAHRU, Malaysia : Software pirates in Malaysia are hawking the next version of Microsoft Corp's Windows operating system years before it is supposed to be on sale.

    CDs containing software Microsoft code named "Longhorn" are on sale for six ringgit (US$1.58) in a shopping complex in Johor Bahru, the southern Malaysian city bordering Singapore, alongside thousands of pirated programs, music CDs and DVDs, according to a Microsoft corporate attorney.

    The software is an early version of Longhorn demonstrated and distributed at a conference for Microsoft programmers in Los Angeles in October, according to the attorney.

    Chairman Bill Gates has said Longhorn, which is not expected to be released before 2005, would rank as Microsoft's largest software launch this decade.

    Longhorn promises new methods of storing files, tighter links to the Internet, greater security and fewer annoying reboots, Microsoft has said. - CNA

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    maybe some beta leak out and someone edited the winver and other files that display the product name and logo and version. Some one told me that is really easy to change the Mindoz XXXP name and version number. . . oppss i ment windows xp. . .

    Whats next Ms Visual studio .net Entrerprice architec edition '05 at $1.50 ? ? ? ?

    Good post Dr_Evil

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    ahh the "longhorn" i think our country has one of the well known in piracy.... you can buy it for about $dollors to a or a quarter but if you hav a friend that is addict in computer you can get it for free!!!!hehehehe!!!! one of my freind had a window Server 2003 i think and irt cost less done a dollar...and i thinks here we had a latest version but dont know what taht version is hehe...lol s o if you had a buddy that lives here in Phil... you can ask them to purhase or burn you one... just kidding...

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    Side note from my 2cent mind

    Asian countries are notorious for the reverse engineering/decompiling of software...Very good at finding out how things work and how to change them.
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    Haha...I am the ultimate software pirate. I have the latest version of the Linux Kernal, OpenOffice, KDE, xine media player, Mozilla browser. And I downloaded it all of the internet.

    I am the software piracy King

    Oh wait it's all legal, oh well.


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    I believe that Longhorn is going to be the same old Microsoft Crap. All they care about is money. They don't even care about their customers. Hell it was probably a representative from MS that let the source code out in the first place. I am glad there are so many individuals pointing out the weaknesses of their products. DeafLamb is correct all the way and you don't have to worry when you are running free products from individuals who actually take pride in what they do.
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    Asian countries are notorious for the reverse engineering/decompiling of software...Very good at finding out how things work and how to change them.
    Most Asian contries have the attitude that they are/want to be the best, sort of like the USSR was. The best way is to look at an example of the best, or steal it. My best friend went to Taiwan a few years ago to see family with his dad. There are vendors selling DVD's for $1 a piece and video games that are normally $45-$50 for like $5-$10. It is pretty funny. I have dabled in reverse engineering and cracking, and it can be quite fun and informative. However, if a company can not protect its software it can and will be taken apart. Especially companies like M$.


    PS: Paintball in Taiwan is really expensive.

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    Aye, indeed it is true. I read the article on wired.com yesterday and laughed my ass off. The thing is, you cant stop piracy in asian countries. In Hong Kong, DVD piracy factories are shut down one day then open up again the next. Its a major industry, and Im rather happy its there. When I went to NY, in Chinatown, youll see all these street vendors hawking tapes and dvds for cheap. I went right after k19: the Widowmaker came out in theatre, and some lady was selling the dvd of it. Looked professional as well. But youll see they always have these sheets tied to the back end of the table, that way when the police come, they can just dump everything in the sheet, tie it up and run.

    XD XD I love it! OH well, if they can reverse engineer Windows, more power to them!

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    This was out on ftp and irc bofre it was unvaild at the PDC confrence, mpre pver its prebeta, just a demo with no actual use. The fact that you could buy it on the street in malyasia is also nothing new, the CD copying black market there has allwyas been big busness.
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    I read this on CNN, said that the copy was from a demo shown in LA. . .heh heh, funny, made it all that way to be sold for a buck fity. The M$ spokesman said that he didn't think it was 'safe' to use on your comp., even though it's prolly the product, w/ no changes, they'll be pushing on us on '05.
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