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Thread: my girlfriend may be cheating please help

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    my girlfriend may be cheating please help

    does someone know how i can get a password of my gf's email i think she is cheating on me and i have to know

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    Not that I am one to judge, but if you believe your girlfriend is cheating on you do you is that really someone you want to be with? Now on the otherhand, how does anyone know if you even have a girlfriend or if you just want to break into someone's account. See where I'm coming from? My advice would be to dump her.
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    Oops, the wrong question,
    Seriously, noone here will answer this question, tis a security-site.
    If you are really eager to find out if she is cheating with you why don't you just ask her ?

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    Not knowing where you are, invading the privacy of someone -- whether they are or aren't cheating on you -- doesn't go over well. This really sours a relationship if she finds out you've been reading her email.

    In addition, it is against the law in most places to break into other people's accounts (which you would effectively be doing by a) getting her password b) reading her email).
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    If you are really eager to find out if she is cheating with you why don't you just ask her ?
    How often does that work?

    Anyway, I see three possibilities:

    1) This person is too lazy to read the front page here.
    2) This person is from a rival site attempting to flood the boards with crap.
    3) This is an alter ego of somebody else here who finds this funny.

    Either way, if we simply ignore this person, he/she will likely go away.
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    I agree, if you are so suspicious of her that you are willing to invade her privacy thaen may be you are better off without her. Trust me I have been there. It is not worth the sleepless nights for one girl when there are others out there. You don't need to know if she is cheating. By being this sus you are probably just looking for anyway so just dump her.

    Otherwise just try some social engineering. I tell you this because it will only work on your girlfriend. Try browse the net with her and sign her up to some or other website. When she has to choose a password type it in for her and chances are the password she chooses matches her email password.

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    How often does that work?
    You would be surprised
    Telling the thruth can be a relief and even if she is lying you can usually tell (if you know what to look for).

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    Are you sure she isn't his girl friend, and cheating on him by going
    out with you?
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    I've got a much more simple solution then breaking into her email for you.

    Send her to me. I will find out if she is cheating on you.
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