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    Imma dumb@ss, I browse through the site almost daily and the first time I heard of this was today from a post by Ms Mittens. This is kewl. . .thanks for the effort Neg.
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    great post with all the links to the tuts. Well Done. At least this makes it easier to look for tuts. and also easier to point anyone to.

    Why dont we make this a permanent page somewhere so that its a lot easier to find compared to linking tothe forums.

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    This is very great and very helpfull. It realy makes it easy to go through the tutorials. the only thing is that its not updated.

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    working on norton fire wall tuturial will put it up soon!!!

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    negative but a storage you have ......
    I think this is super for newbies

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    I don't know if anyonr has suggested this yet. If they have I still don't mind bring it up again since it hasn't been implemented yet. There are some threads that are mission critical and this is one. I was wondering if we could make a permanent link to this thread on the main pageor better yet make the Index a separated web page with it's own main page link. Perhaps we could even have a index page of all mission critical threads. I will cross post this suggestion to the site suggestion forum. I am posting it here because that thread doesn't get main page review. I know someone is going to say"Just have the nebies do a search man"
    so I'm prepared for flames or negs.
    I do think that a page of that sort would be a benifit to the site and increase it's usefulness.
    What's the consensus?

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    Excellent !
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    Negative, I have found much use out of the links here. All the questions that I have had from the beginning are right here thanks to you.

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    Thanks guys for a newbie that was a lot of help.I also found this site


    An open source project of building anti virus software.Intersting place for people who like to program.

    Thanks again!


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    So Useful ,,,, ThanX ,,,,
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