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Thread: Rainbow Books - Can I still get these?

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    Rainbow Books - Can I still get these?

    About... 5-6 years ago I remember someone telling me about Rainbow books(I think that's what they where called). They where books about various computer security I think. He gave me an address to request them. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I beleive they where free. I had a few that I found, but have since lost them. Most likely out dates by now anyway. I did a search on google, but only came up with childrens books.

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    You mean these?
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    Rainbow Books

    Oh the infamous rainbow books again. You know these are from the eighties right? I have read that they are useless as a practical ref. material. Its cool for like the early to mid ninetie but they are out of date now. At least thats what i have researched.
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    The books are really great, IMO, at giving you a look on how stuff started out back then.

    Try http://www.zone-h.org/en/download/category=41/ for 'em.

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