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Thread: RPM Help please

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    RPM Help please


    I installed etherape 4.2 - installed and ran perfectly.

    I decided to upgrade to 5.0 - it didn't run.

    I attempt to re-install 4.2 - can't. 5.0 is installed.

    I try to remove with rpm (rpm --erase) - hangs up forever.

    I try other options (replacepkgs) - doesn't work.

    Then I verify version 5.0 using rpm.

    It says it is installed - and lists the files, but shows them all as "MISSING"

    Any ideas? I need to remove 5.0 from my system now so I can re-install 4.2.

    NOTE: I have tried installing every version up through 9 - no luck.

    .: Aftiel

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    what about using the "--oldpackage" option?

    It will "upgrade" to an older version for your.

    You can also force the upgrade... to do this.
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    rpm --upgrade --oldpackage etherape****** worked like a charm.

    Thanks a TON. I forced an upgrade earlier, but it did not take. It took the --oldpackage option to get it to go.

    phishphreek80 you rock.

    .: Aftiel

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