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Thread: Top Ten Reasons why DoD is a Pussie

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    Just for rioter and the rest of you folks, I have made a list of ten things why DoD is a pussie. How does this relate to security? It is security for your ass and state of mind. So, here we go!

    10. DoD is out of the closet, and finds some men more attractive than women.

    9. DoD is in therapy and knows that the mind is the biggest sex organ. Thus feelings and emotions make great sex.

    8. DoD watches "Will And Grace"

    7. DoD hits on DarkSnake.

    6. DoD regularly sniffs cdkj's underpants.

    5. DoD and Debwalin regulaely share feelings and things going on in the some, as well as swap recipes.

    4. DoD listens to Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran and other ghey bands.

    3. DoD often does "Bradisms" with joyful glee

    2. DoD likes shopping for matching bed sets and bathroom rugs. He likes seeing nice things when he takes a big ****

    and the #1 reason why DoD is a pussie?

    1. DoD does not care what other people think. Even rioter.

    Have a great day

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