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Thread: Compressed Folder Password Tutorial

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    Compressed Folder Password Tutorial

    COMPRESSED Folder Passwords - How to bypass the password and look at the files.

    By Evil_Jesus

    (Tested only on Windows XP Professional)

    In this tutorial you will learn how to get around the passworded compressed folders.

    Why would you want to do this?
    There are a few reasons why you may want to do this (or need to do it). 1.You may need the files that are inside the compressed folder. 2. You may be interested in the specific folder for some reason.

    How do I make myself a passworded folder?
    If you want to make a passworded folder here is how you do it. make a new compressed folder and add any files or folders you want to it. While in the compressed folder:

    Click on File
    Click Add Password
    Enter the password that you want.

    The files in this folder will still be visible but no one else will be able to open them without the password. If you want these files to be invisible to other people put the passworded folder you just created into another compressed folder. To see the files a person must enter the password.
    To remove the password:
    Click on File
    Click Remove Password

    Getting passed the passworded folder
    OK now we are onto the fun part. Make sure you are able to view all files or folder.
    Tools, Folder options, View, then click view hidden files or folders. If you dont want to do this, you will need to use the address bar. Also to get into the file person will need to have opened it at least once.

    To get the file/folder:
    Go to My Computer
    Double click on local disk
    Go into Documents and Settings
    Double click on the persons name
    Double click on Local Settings (This was a hidden folder)
    Double click on Temp (Do not delete anything in this folder)

    Now it should have a list of files that you don't know about, DO NOT TOUCH them. look at the folders names. There may be a few names that are just numbers and letters don't worry about them and keep looking. We are looking for a folder starting with:

    Temporary Directory x

    Where x can be any number 1

    This will also be a hidden folder.
    This is also what we are looking for. You will most likely know the folders name so check the names of all the temporary directories. Say the passworded folder was named hacking, we would look for:

    Temporary Directory 1 for hacking.zip

    Once you have found the file double click on it. All the files that are in it will be in front of you for you to see. The files will not be passworded at all and you are free to view them.

    After you have finished viewing them and you dont want the person tyo know that you have been through their stuff, Go back to the Local Settings file and go into the My Recent Documents folder (this is also hidden) highlight the files that you looked at and delete them. This will not delete the actual file it will just delete the shortcut to it.

    Ok for the people that didn't want to change wether the view hidden files and folders or not, you will need to use the address bar.

    Go to internet explorer or any folder and type into the top

    C:\Documents and Settings\____________\Local Settings\Temp this will take you to the file if the name of the folder was Comedy add this to the end

    \Temporary Folder 1 for Comedy.zip

    The whole thing would like this.

    C:\Documents and Settings\____________\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Folder 1 for Comedy.zip

    Where the underscore is you need to put the Login name of the person.

    To clean up after yourself dothe same thing as above with the My Recent Documents and also clean your history in Internet Explorer. This will remove the auto complete if another person types in

    C:\Documents and Settings\ etc.

    The easiest method by far is using the folder view to find the files. The command line can be slow and tedious but if oyu know what you are doing then it can be a quick way to get the file/folder.

    Thanks for reading this tutorial. Hope you find it useful.
    Lok out for more tutorials by Evil_Jesus

    This tutorial was written by Evil_Jesus
    No responsibility is accepted by Evil_Jesus or any acts that were related to this tutorial.
    It is for informational purposes only and is not to be used for any illegal activities.
    Copyright 2003
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    How can we prevent this? I am assuming that if you are a limited user you will not be able to do this. Can't you not get into other people documents and settings folders if you are just a limited user. So I guess that is one way to prevent, make sure all accounts are limited user accounts and not administrative accounts.

    finally got to test about accessing the documents and settings folder of other users(two BSOD's on XP pro, they seem to come in pairs) and you can't do it if you are a limited user. So, if you don't want someone doing this, just make them a limited user on the machine, which they should be anyway.

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    Cool thanks for that i am going to try and find a way around that then, Thanks for the feedback
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    It re-enforces the need for security minded users to clean out the Temp files as part of routine maintainance..

    This method also works if you are "Recovering" a clients data from a Corrupted HDD..

    it also helps if your trying to do a amateur forensics on the drive..

    BTW: this info is freely available on Script Kiddy sites.. and most "tech's" use it..


    Oh h3r3tic check out encrypting at the Files system level.. that fuxors up the casual observer.. oh and You are correct.. only one admin account all other accounts should be Limited only..
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    Umm...so what are you saying Mittens? That tut was...ummm...borrowed?

    EDIT: Thanks DeadAddict for clearing that up..somebody must have switched me to decaf this morning

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    No evil jesus wrote it but it is posted on another site and from Ms Mittens post I think once you submit it to astalavista you can't post it on another site with out the web masters permission to do so

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