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Thread: PN Network Security Conference 2003

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    Red face PN Network Security Conference 2003

    Hey guys. Went to a security conference 2day and last nite... oh dear god it was boring as hell. It covered stuff like IntrusionDetection & prevention, DoS and DDoS, cryptography and stenography, routers, bridges, hubs and everything else u learn at university and during your mcse training. Paid $800 to learn nothing! And the worst thing was that at least half of the subjects covered had nothing to do with n/w security. lol. bah! I thought Defcon and HIP were soooo much better. But then again, who didn't?

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    $800?! Damn man; I think that money could have been put to better use.
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    $800 ?? Wow, that's a bit over priced if you ask me...Were you allowed to ask questions or was it just a watch and listen type thing ?
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    I dont know lots about all that stuff. I would have gladly paid for that class. I am knowledge hungry.


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    any other good conferences coming up? i have never been to any and definatly want to go to one and check it out.
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