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Thread: Modding the XBox

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    Modding the XBox

    Does anyone have any experince modding a XBox? I have been considering doing this for a while and have done a little research into it but wanted to get some tips from ppl who have tried this. I was looking around and the best chip seems to be the Xecuter2 Pro v2.2 Plus. Did any use this mod chip?

    B4 anyone gets on their high horse and assumes that I am trying to burn games and cheat programmers (broken record). I am not. I am trying to install Linux on my XBox out of boredom. It gives me something to do. Also modding may or may not be illegal. The case in still in the supreme court. So I am not asking anything illegal and damnit if I shell out the money for it then I will change it in anyway I want. I am the consumer after all.

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    that one has chips to buy, and diagrams and tutorials. See the links on the left of the website. That last site will probably be all you need.
    That site has some major mods on some x-boxes, also has a forum:
    that forum will probably help you more than this one. Good luck, and I hope you don't screw up your x-box.

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