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    cd-rw is amazing. i love the way u can go back and rewrite and make changes on your burned cd. i think it is a great idea ecspcuially if u would like to change things on the cd.

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    So what exactly is you're question? lol

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    LKS.....think on....

    You can use it to save important data etc..............you just got an 850Mb floppy disk!

    On the downside, a DVD r/w/rw is king as you have 4.7 Gb to play with. They are rather expensive at the moment, and as the format is not decided, you need to buy a good (expensive) one to be "future proof"

    I would advise a cd r/w/rw above the "standard" DVD and CD read only drives.

    But, as you know, people do not back up stuff..........so they face the consequences?


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    The only bad thing is when you get a big @ss scratch across the disk. Other than that I love CD-RW's for taking files from home to work and back.
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    thanks nihil and i agree with jarod

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