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Thread: New Computer

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    New Computer

    I have finally saved u0p enough money to buy a new a computer or laptop. I was just wondering if anybody can recomend a good (yet not expensive) computer/laptop that a newb like me can use to maybwe use unix, windows xp, linux or some other operating system that is good for a newb to learn on.

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    If you're a newb, maybe it'll be a good challenge for yourself to build one instead! I built this one im workin on, it was real fun. Got my parts from newegg.com, worked out great.

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    Either build yourself, or get a reasonable ex-corporate box and upgrade it.

    I would not recommend an manufacturer built stuff, particularly Dell.....but they stiffed me so I am biased


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    Important Stuff for Computer in Today Age.

    1) Get at least 512 MG of Memory!
    2) Get a good video card!
    3) If your mainboard suck, all your computer will suck.

    Those are the 3 points where you need to spend your money. Having the lastest CPU doesn't realy matter since you never realy use 100% the CPU. Integrate Sound Card do a good job unless you're rdy to paid for a sound card and a set of speaker. Good Disk Size is always a plus for the future since all program ate more and more of disk space. A Dvd-Rom + Cr/Rw combo is all you realy need since DVD Burner are NOT standard.

    Their alot of other stuff but those are just mostly tweak after. Good Luck!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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