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    dont want him to fail college because he's an idiot sometimes . I'm a kind and frienly person
    *Shakes head* If he fails it will be due to his being a stupid dunder head . Oh well, dinner. Later..


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    Oh I see Cybr1d

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    Kind of off topic.. But I do know of a prank that exists for MSN 5.5.... It is a program/mod for msn called "Demonic Seed" and it lets you do all sorts of fun things with MSN messenger.... But there was a feature that let you "Upload" fake viri and to fake port scans :S hehe, anyways, I just thought I'd share that

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    Originally posted here by |The|Specialist

    Actually no I disagree... but I guess thats personal choice but anyways with mIRC your more likely to find a larger range of targets for example the 30 or so peaple who enjoy chating and downloading in #warez. And with random peaple jumping in and out of channel you'll have even more & more targets. These targets move to other IRC networks & channels then with more peaple joining in on the fun thus the cycle of stupidity begins. Meanwhile IM is usually limited to some form of buddy lists.
    Originally posted here by SDK
    I agree with |The|Specialist, with IRC. Everyone can know your IP, Dns and stuff.. With Instant Message, it's alot harder to get those information that most script kiddie are decourage!
    Originally posted here by |The|Specialist

    Actually I was talking about malware... about how mIRC worms are common, easy to make, & there are usually more peaple in IRC than some dumb contacts list. Also about info... why would it be so hard when aww hell I mean you're talking to the peaple. 9 outta 10 if you find some bozo who is dumb enought you can usually tell them to open command promt, tell them your going to teach them "neat PC tricks..."
    If you use TDS-3 to chat you have nothing to be affraid of.
    It can so great trojan and virus identifing system that can found even blaster and sobig.
    I have tested of my own as i don't believe reviews easily.
    *TDS-3=Trojan Defence System 3

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    You cannot be infected with a virus, if u only chat! if u open links, to infected documents, then you may get infected (although this depends upon the effectiveness of ur AV scanner!). also, if ur initial distro was infected , then of course, u'll have a fullblown virus on ur machine!

    Abt yahoo IM - if i'm invisible, den a 'patched" version of yahoo IM can see me whereas all other legit versions cannot! Does anyone kno how to fix this problem from my client or is there a crack available ?
    The more things change, the more they stay the same!!!

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