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Thread: Tutorial: Wargames: Part 1

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    great tut MsMittens!!!!! i had to learn all by myself, i would have loved being your student. great idea!! well done, my congrats! :-)

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    Originally posted here by foxyloxley
    Sorry MsM
    rope in some friends, just means ( to me )get some like minded people to make up a LAN and party on down with your rules as the guide. most LAN party's are for gaming purposes, this could just take off ??

    This isn't new stuff people have been getting together for LAN parties specifically for hacking purposes etc , for example Defcon they hold a capture the flag style game every year big lan you have to attack and get access to the main computer it's great fun.

    Also nice tutorial, shame not all teacers adopt your teaching method's they should be made IOS good stuff
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