While doing some searching on the internet I happened to stumble upon this site [http://www.pivx.com]. It contains an interesting program called Qwik-Fix™ and here's some quotes from the site as to what it does :

Qwik-Fix™ provides another layer of essential security by closing off the pathways that worms and viruses use to penetrate your PC.. It does not affect any of your virus programs, firewall or other programs. Had users installed Qwik-Fix™ on their PC’s, the recent LovSan/MS Blaster worm and the Sobig virus would have had no impact on them. And, it will close the doors that the next worm will try to enter thru to infect and spread its payload.
Qwik-Fix™ is designed to pro-actively prevent known software vulnerabilities in Windows and Internet Explorer from being exploited by malicious hackers, virus writers and worm writers. Qwik-Fix™ is simple to use, Qwik-Fix™ is easy to download and install. Qwik-Fix™ is dynamic in that it serves as a temporary fix to known vulnerabilities until Microsoft releases a periodic monthly cumulative patch or a new Service Pack. As we find new vulnerabilities our subscribers will be updated immediately, thus staying one step ahead of the bad guys.
Here's the link to the download :
Guided Download (recommended)
Direct Download (advanced users)
Hope that you guys like this program ...
Note: For Windows Only and this program is also still in BETA. But I think that you guys should give it a try. Feel free to tell me what you think about it ...