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Thread: reason for edit gone?

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    reason for edit gone?

    What happened to the reason for edit thingy. I noticed about when the upgrade happened that the reason for edit doesn't show up. I just tested it again here I put for "to test reason for edit" in the little line where you can specify your reason and it doesn't show up. I believe it used to say last edited by blah blah blah, then right under it it would say why: to test reason for edit. I went back and checked a post I remembered it working on, and the reason for edit was gone on this post. Was this done away with for a reason or did it accidentally get left out in the upgrade? Thanks for any help mnstrgrl.

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    Hrm. Disappearing templates again. This has been the cause of several of the bugs I've had to fix. The editreason is back now.

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