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Thread: backdoor.hogle???

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    Anybody seen this one yet?--Norton found it, when I got nailed by a drive-by takeover by spidersearch. Was able to get rid of spidersearch toolbar and all the porno crap by running Spybot and Hijack This to get what Spybot missed...but I never could find the files with anything that might get rid of the backdoor.hogle virus...Norton says the file would be syscpy.exe...or maybe syscpy01.exe...but can't find them anywhere. Now got Zonealarm protecting ports, so maybe I'm cool....just don't believe this virus disappeared. Anybody else deal with it yet.

    New on site, thanks for any help.


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    Well, here is Symantec's write up of this one. It lists the REgistry key in the Run portion this spam relay trojan sets up.
    Check it out.

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    You might also want to try Adaware. its seems to work pretty good.
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