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Thread: CS is that the best...still?

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    CS is that the best...still?

    I dont keep up with computer games anymore, i am stuck on my ps2 for now. But i am confused by something, do alot of people still play CS? I remember owning it, and i have not bought a comp. game for years. I would have thought something better would have come out by now...

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    over games have come out and some people would call them better - but in alot of people's eyes mine included you can't beat CS - it has all the perfect features of an online game - team play, strategy, skill and of course the weapons and maps are still some of the best thought out and constructed ever


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    You can find over 1000 CS server with peoples on it at any given times.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    I have in front of me a magazine that has a poll which says that over 80,000 people play CS daily all over the world. Of course it is the top!!!

    even i like programming and security stuffs i like playing cs a lot. I'm also a part of a clan on my country called MAZA (MAZA means people in Greek). It was created in 1996. Long ago don't you think???

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    Yeah, CS is still awesome. Though, I've been playing lately (the past couple of months) the Urban Terror mod for Quake III. It makes it look like CS, but has the gameplay of QIII(A), which is really cool. You guys should check it out if you haven't ever.

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