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    This has prolly been reported before.

    If you look at the post Using Portsentry by steve.milner you will see a post that uses code tags.
    [code]Sometimes they mess up the post by itself (because of really long lines of code).
    But the post ^^ is formated properly messing nothing up.
    However, when you post a reply that DOES use long lines within the code tag, i not only messes up that post but it also ruins the original post.
    Can this possibly be fixed ?
    I hope I have not confused anyone

    [shadow]Don Leo [/shadow]

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    I know exactly what you are talking about. I have written a couple of programming tuts where I have had to edit several times to get it to not run so far to the right. I hope something can be done to fix it. If not, then start pressing enter when you get toward the end of a line.

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    The code feature is purposely written to preserve line lengths, as some languages rely on line breaks for command structure. I agree it's annoying to have to read a thread that's had its size blown out by a run-away line, but I don't think I want to force a line break at some arbitrary point in code lines. Considering the nature of this site, it seems more important to preserve the code syntax then to make it pretty.

    For the time being, the Preview option can help you make sure lines are of a reasonable length.

    - h
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