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Thread: More details about users.

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    More details about users.

    My suggestion is:
    In the profile of every AO's user to be some blanks asking users for what OS they use, Internet Broswer, their computer and some other details about their hardware and software they have.
    Also my suggestion has some advantages and some disantages;-) :
    • Is very useful for the forum of Bugs, because i have seen many times people asking others for their OS, Internet Broswer and their computer.
    • Maybe some guys will see that an OS is the best and change their OS.

    • Is there any disadvantage;-) ? Maybe you say it's kind of spyware... but it is optional the filling of these.

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    ? I must misunderstand you but all that info is in your profile (if you add it at least)?
    Your Current Box: <- doesn't this is what you mean?

    EDIT: what exactly do you mean by "blanks"???
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    There are in your profile but you have to open at least 2 other windows to find that details. I suggest to have some of this info on short profile on the left of the post we do.

    Blanks i mean boxes where we are going to fill the info.

    Sorry for my bad english

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