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    cameras and stuff

    Dear AntiO Dudes: THis is a letter I sent to my local Liberal mag. (Flagpole)...thought you Cosmos dudes might enjoy.........

    Dear Flagpole
    There has been much media attention focused lately on the prevalence
    of cameras and survelliance equipment in public places, recording our
    every action, and invading many aspects of our daily lives. The
    common response from businesses and the government is that these
    devices are "for our own protection." As many
    sensationalistic headlines have warned, Big Brother is not coming, He
    is already here...
    However, one need only to scratch the surface of the modern day
    hacker/anti-hacker sub-culture to begin to envision perhaps a
    completely different picture of the future. A daily cat-and-mouse
    game is constantly being played between Norton, Symantec, and other
    anti-virus companies and the malevolent virus writers who keep these
    companies in business. If, in the future, survelliance cameras
    become so small, easy to conceal, and inexpensive to manufacture, we
    might indeed "see" them everywhere (public toilets, gym
    showers!). However, one could argue that at the same time, an
    anti-camera culture might arise, ushering in "camera
    disrupting" devices employing a technology not unlike the common
    police radar scramblers that thwart the efforts of traffic police to
    ticket speeders. And in turn, an "anti-anti camera"
    culture will surface and the cat-and mouse scenario will start all
    over again. This might sound like the stuff of a Star Trek episode
    but new and astounding technological advancements that seem to occur
    every day have started to make even a hopeless skeptic like me begin
    to believe that anything is possible in today's world.
    Beam me up...
    Chad Cooper
    Athens resident

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    Your insight is closer than you think; you can already buy camera scramblers and devices to detect them and avoid them. They are already hidden in bathrooms. A small receiver can detect the wireless one's and a device that spreads laser light around a room looks for the reflection of a pinhole size lens for the hard wied one's.

    Good article that speculates the dangers of an ever increasing world of camera fever. One thing though, I like the one's in Wal-Mart parking lot when I am walking across the lot at midnight. I think that a presence of monitoring devices can have the effect of making someone think twice before mugging my ass. But with everything; corrupted governments can use the same technology to spy on you without provocation.
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