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    Angry Smart Spyware

    I have a really weird spyware problem. Somekinda spyware has gotten on my machine, and it knows what college I go to. Everytime I open my schools site, I get pop ups for porno. I've run the latest adaware, with no luck. Anyone recognize this behavior? Could it be somekindof virus instead?


    I'm not at school, and the computer im using has never been on my schools network.

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    Is it only when you open your schools website?? Maybe someone added porn pop-ups to your school's website . I don't think this is spyware, could be a virus??
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    Try Spybot S&D if ad-aware fails. If it doesn't help, post again


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    I asked some friends to check, but they all have pop ups blocks and security stuff(Put it there myself ). I'll link the school below. Maybe the pop ups are actually on the webserver, and not on my pc. Could someone check?


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    No pop-ups for me.

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    Ok, heres the conclusion. Spybot S & D kicks adawares ass. Found over 30 files adaware didnt. Because this pc is on a dial up, (i'm used to the schools network) it hasnt been updated like it should. Heres what S&D picked up-
    backweb lite (20 of em)
    Common Hijacker (redirected host)
    DSO Exploit

    Obviously the hijacker and exploit stand out the most, but what are your thoughts? Could there be a virus not being picked up?

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    Ad-Aware and SpyBot S&D are not mutually exclusive. ALthough they kinda do the same thing they do it differently and are maintained by different folks, so are inherently different. You can and should use both, they will each catch things that the other misses. If your browser was hijacked you might want to take a look at HiJackthis, available @ http://mjc1.com/mirror/hjt/
    Make sure you also find a comprehensive HiJackThis log tutorial to take a look at the logs it produces. It is not as refined as Ad-Aware or SpyBot S&D, but is a nice addition to catch additional problems that they don't.

    In addition to keep away from pop-ups either install the google tool bar to your IE, or switch to a different browser like Mozilla, Mozilla firebird, or Opera. I've tried all of these and they each have their good points.

    Good Luck.
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    Okay, problem solved. I was infected with CWS.icfg, a CoolWebSearch thingy that hijacked the browser or something. It changed my homepage to fastsearch.cc on every startup, and added porno popups to links in my favorites.(thats how it knew what school i went to, hahaha) I was able to fix it with CWShredder, a file I attached to this post. I also attatched hijackthis, which I would have used to help diagnose the problem. So if you ran into these same symptoms, run these progs. If you prefer to download them from the site I got it here-


    Thanks for helping, AP's all around.

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    hi soda.. glad you're all fixed up.. CoolWebSearch is one of the worst hijackers there is..
    as seen by this link.. http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/cwschronicles.html CWS, is always changing "it's spots" so as a result, one should always download the latest version and not trust only the version you have attached.. so, just to make your thread a bit more complete, I'll give two direct download links.. one an exe file, the other a zip.


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