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Thread: problem installing glib 2 and gtk libraries

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    problem installing glib 2 and gtk libraries

    ok so i have been running red hat for a few months and to run some of the more intensive programs, i needed updated libraries of glib ant gtk, but to install gtk i need the new version of glib, and when i attempt to compile and install glib 2.2.3, i get several errors, hopefully somone can point me in the right direction. ok here goes...i begin by typing ./configure in the terminal while in the glib directory where i extracted all the files necessary for installation to...all goes well, so i type "make", it finishes with no apparent problems, so i finish by typing "make install", it proceeds to install , with again no apparent problems...the problem is when i go to install the new gtk+ library, when i configure the install, it halts and says that when it checked for the glib >= version 2.0 it fails to see that i have install version 2.0 , so as you can see i am very confused, i tried restarting and re installing, but hasn't yeilded any results if anyone knows what i am doing wrong i would be greatful, thanks again for your help.

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    Go to a terminal and type "apt get <the program you want>"

    so if you wanted the program "nicotine" then type:

    apt get nicotine
    and it will promt you with all the dependencies that that app needs. Choose yes and huzza you are set. However, if that doens't work then go here http://freshrpms.net/apt/ and get your apt get program set up.
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