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Thread: Avatar-Sig ?'s

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    Avatar-Sig ?'s

    I searched for these answeres cuz I have a feeling they have been asked before, but couldn't find them. So here goes nothin-

    Can we use Flash in our signatures?
    Would AO ever consider letting us use flash for our avatars or our signatures?

    I've seen other sites allow it for the avatar at least, but I can see how it could cause problems.

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    I'm pretty sure that we can't use Flash in our signatures and I know we definitely can't use them in our avatars, although there could be some way around this. I think we had this discussion a while back but the argument against was that the site is slow enough already for dial-up users and flash signatures should be restricted to use on design sites where people are more likely to appreciate them.
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    flash sigs/avs leave to much room for people to adbuse it with actionscript
    but one way round it would be when your exporting your flash animation choose save as .gif

    any buttons etc will be disabled as it will not be able to use any actionscript but you should be able to display any animation/movie you have created

    my AV was done in flash and exported as a .gif so it works (this was done when i first started AO about 2yrs ago tho)


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