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    I need your help!!!!......My OS 98SE and I am on cable. Now I have a dynamic ip which is suppose to change every 4 days according to my ISP. However I am told there is a glitch in Window 98 where it will keep the same ip....everytime I attempt to renew my ip it retains the same one!!!!!
    Now my ISP has advised to to find a software called ether. exe. When my ip is near to expire I should run this software with a spoofed mac address which I can create. The ISP Server would then issue a new ip everytime that I change my mac address......Question is: does anyone know or direct me to this software or a similar one that I can install and perform this function so as I can have a new ip every four days??? Would appreciate you help and thanks in advance

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    hmm, well Google is a very powerful search tool that should help you find this software... but other than that... I'm not sure how to help... Are you certain that there is a problem re-newing your IP address?? I used to run a Win 98 box and I could get a new IP just by running the prog "winipcfg" Then hitting the release, and renew buttons. Try updating your system and then renewing your IP, it might make a difference... I'm sure someone else will post a better answer soon, till then, I hope this helps

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    Your ISP told you to download that prog? Just out of curiosity what NIC are you using and where are you?

    Win98SE -- all faults aside -- actually can release the IP fine. The DHCP protocol is setup such that your machine will simply renew the IP lease each time (hence, you keep the same IP). You can use winipcfg as suggested by Turmoil.

    That's the most bizarre thing I've heard an ISP suggest.
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