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    norton antivirus refuses to work

    whenever i press on the "live update" or "full system scan", the window shuts down. what do i do? thanks

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    Is it a real working retail version, or did you get it from a warez site or ftp? It makes a huge difference sometimes where you attained it.

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    well, sometimes when you have a virus infection and you install an Av it gives yuo problems. Afriend broght me a computer that is infected with virus several actualy
    i have a list here letme post it

    i revoved all exept for w95.hybris.plugin and w32.mapson.d.worm. I installed a retail version of NAV Pro 04 and it doesnt do the complete system scan in wimdows but i have to set it up manuallt and it detected hybris in windows, also i downloaded intelliupdater to the dec 5 03 definitions and restarter in Msdos and when to the Norton Antivirus folder and runned the anti virus(btw that computer is running win me) well im still working in the computer.

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    One thing you can try (if you're on a network) is to go to another computer on your network with NAV installed and set up a network drive to the c:\ drive of the abnormal-acting machine. Once that is done, scan the network drive remotely with the clean computer . Once you determine the virus, NAV's site will have complete instructions on how to remove it .

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    i took it down from the network and right now its scanning fine first it had 205 infected files after i cleaned the othr files there were left like 80 infected files by hybris and mapson and the screen its displaying that it has found 68 and it has repaird 59. and reinstalling windows is not an option this computer was very dificult to set it up with the as400 server and they didn't make a back up coppy of the HD with the settings, when i clean it i would have to make one just in case for another ocation that something like this happens

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