Keeping Windows XP safe
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Thread: Keeping Windows XP safe

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    Keeping Windows XP safe

    Hi... I'd like to know which programs are necessary to keep an XP machine totally safe and clean (i.e. virus, spyware/adware free and hacker-proof).
    I'm currently using Norton Internet Security 2003, Ad-aware and Spybot: Search & Destroy.
    Oh, and the built-in XP firewall is disabled as it *****s my LAN.
    Is the computer secure this way? I also want to know if it's possible to keep a comptuer secure using nothing but free programs.


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    Just seach the forums on free AV's, firewalls, spyware programs and other security tools, you'll get your answer. It's pretty good what you have now, just get yourself an Anti Virus software and you'll be allright.

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    I'd like to refer you to this tutorial I posted a while back:

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    an Anti Virus software and you'll be allright.
    Norton Internet Security comes with Norton Anti virus

    You might want to do tweaks from this site-

    And take a look at these tweaks for computer performance.. etc.

    And remember, ALWAYS UPDATE!!

    Go to start, all programs, and at the top of the list (or around the top) theres the button that says "Windows Update"

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    None of this commercial antivirus crap. Get AntiVir, it's never let a virus get through the gate yet for me, AND it's free.

    For a firewall, I used to use Kerio Personal Firewall 2 but they've updated to KPF 4 recently.Check it out.

    And last, but not least, a spyware cleaner. AdAware and Spybot are both good, but I prefer Spybot.

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    don't forget common sense, that is one peice of software that lots of people commonly forget (no pun intended) . be prudent in the fact that you should check your firewalls logs and such, as well as system event logs.
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    One last thing to do...RTFM. Know your system. Stay up to date on everything that comes through.

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