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Thread: 4 steps to making your computer immortal online.

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    jenjen,can you tell me for what keywords is my site in one of the top listings in google?

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    The only listing I know of that it was in the top range for was the article name.
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    ali1, what you've written here is ok but what you've mainly said was: "hey all you morons out there get a firewalls and AV." Well thats fine & stuff but what most peaple forget about is how usefull File Auditing and permissions are. For example if your running a windows box and you get malware then boom a popup or strange log entry appears telling you XYZ program attemted to fool around with the registry or ABC program just attempted to make changes to other files. This will not only often blow alot of cover but also may prevent it from makeing startup, makeing changes to files, droping files, & (ect) in the first place. Also lets not forget backups and ad/spyware removal...

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    without getting the slightest danger of getting infected by a virus
    Bullshit. Nothing will do that. The only thing worse than no security is false security.

    It is this kind of thinking which usually gets people infected in the first place, thinking they are invulnerable. You are seriously and dangerously overestimating your ability to secure your system. I was infected with Blaster 2 hours after it was released. Microsoft and Symantec didn't even know it existed yet (at least they hadn't published anything on it), so all my updates and security patches were useless. It blew through 2 firewalls, Norton Antivirus definitions 1 day old an OS that was updated the day before. No system is invulnerable, especially if the administrator thinks it is. (well that's my nothing-is-totally-secure rant)

    Never assume you will not be hit. Assume you *WILL* be hit and take appropriate steps to ensure recovery afterwards
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    i agree with steik you can never be completly secure - plus AVP can only protect you against known virii - but with 5mins almost anyone could write a couple of lines of code that would do serious damage to a computer.....ok it prolly wouldn't be a virus (as by definition a virus should be self-replicating) but it could def cause alot af annoyance or difficulty when run.

    IMHO the best protection against virii is your own common sense!


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    the only way to make your computer totaly imune to virii is to remove the processor and smash it with a hammer. Even staying off the net with a comp wont insure complete safety when it comes to virii. Some people still use 3.5's

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    You don't need a 3.5 to get infected. MSOffice 4 had a virus built into the code of Excel. It happens. I've had hardware drivers that had viruses in them because developers have taken stuff home and allowed it to get into the code because they were too lazy to run the AV (mostly because it the AV took so long to boot the machine -- wah. wah. It takes 18 seconds instead of 12).

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    Ultimate Solution: Be Paranoid......

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