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Thread: Retract APs

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    Retract APs

    It might be a good idea to give someone the option of removing APs they gave in the last three days. Several times I've seen people give negs while they were upset, or didn't understand what someone meant, and vice versa.

    Letting it last too long, however, would let it become a free method of giving revenge. "Neg me and I'll take away the 100 APs I gave you."

    Just an idea.
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    we've had all kinds of suggestions about AP's , making up for mistakes, variable point assignments or a "return to even" function.. now while JupM has responded to many of our suggestions the only ones I'm aware of (in terms of ap's) has been to lower the impact value assigned.

    I'm all for AP reform.. I still think we need the variable point one but I think JupM doesn't want to play too much with the AP code..

    so all I can say is what's been said before.. if you make an assignment mistake, PM the person then later on "correct it" by assigning the opposite somewhere/sometime.

    edit : I'm wrong.. (again) JupM did also change the ap system to a show who gave you the points.. there's probably other changes I'm not aware of..

    I do like your suggestion though.. it'd be nice..

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    agreed i think it is a good idea, but unfortunetly there would be some problems with that, people should have the patience and forsight to know whether they are giving relavent positive or negative antipoints to a person, antipoints should not be able to be added and/or subtracted just becuase someone was in a pissy mood one day or was in an awesome mood the next, they should be given based on the knowledge, relavence, and information written in the post, just be smart about assigning AP's
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    I agree w/Alphaflux on this one. Users should take some responsibility here and consider what they're doing before they do it. AP assignments are optional. If you're not sure about an assignment you're about to make, for whatever reason, wait a bit and think it over. The post will most likely be there when you come back.

    There are some other AP enhancements being considered at the moment, and I'd like to make any changes to that system all at the same time, so any changes, if they're decided for here, won't be made immediately.

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    mnstrgl >> i agree with what has been said so far that people shoudl think before giving out aps and if their mood changes - well unlucky!

    but what about those hwo have meant to hit approve but clicked disaprove by mistake or vica-versa

    it is easy done.....even done it once myself >_<;
    am not saying introduce a way of taking back aps you assign but what about a kind of preview? when you hit submit instead of sending them straight away it tells you that you are about to assign neg or pos - and displays the msg you have written - this could also be used by people to check spelling mistakes etc as well


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