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Thread: floppy disk problems

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    floppy disk problems

    This is my 1st post.
    I have some problems about a floppy disk.
    It's my brother new computer.
    When i go into windows explorer, i can see the floppy disk icon.
    But when i insert a diskeete into it and click on it.
    There is a flashing LED light and a message saying
    Please insert a disk in drive A.
    Can any 1 help me.
    I will appreciate any help.

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    The only thing I can think of is that it is not formatted at all or formatted for the wrong file system. You can try right-clicking on the floppy icon with the disk in and selecting format. This is only if it has not been used or has been used on a different OS. If you know that the disk worked before like on a different computer then do not format it because you will lose the data on it. You can try making sure that the cables are connected snuggly, and maybe disconnect and reconnect the cables. It could also be a driver problem, even though most floppy drives seem to just use a standard ide driver. Have you tried different floppies, or floppies you know have worked on a different computer?

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    Could you be a bit more specific? Where is the LED flashing?
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    There is only 1 LED for floppy disks.
    I can open and format the diskeets in my pc using win me using FAT, my brother is using win xp prof using NTFS.
    They work on other pc.
    BTW, where can i d/l new drivers as there is no model name for it in Device Manager and I can't find it in microsoft web site.
    I will try 2 unplug and reconnect the cables again.
    Thanks for all yr help.

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    If the LED is on ALL the time, then the ribbon cable is connected the wrong way round.

    Otherwise the floppy drive might be defective, or not set up properly. The first thing you might try is removing it in the hardware manager then re-booting, and letting Windows re-discover it. Check that it loads the driver ok.

    If this does not work you might try swapping the drives over with your machine. If it doesn't work on your one either, you may assume that it is dead

    You might also like to try a Floppy Drive cleaning diskette. I have revived many "dead" drives with one of these Just stick it in the drive and try to format it......you might like to try this two or three times.

    Good luck

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