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Thread: Set up SSH proxy on my Linux

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    Set up SSH proxy on my Linux


    I am sort of new to ssh tunnels and I want to use my linux box as a web proxy so I can surf from work. I want to use an ssh tunnel.

    My company blocks many of the sites I like to go to, I tend to go to gamer sites. In any case, I can ssh to my servers just fine.

    Any ideas?
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    Your company block these for a reason and you should not be visiting.

    With that said:

    You would have to this using your ~/.ssh/config and specifically set up a tunnel to each individual site.

    A shameless plug for my own tutorial may hlep you:


    Using something like this:
    # connect to google
    Local Forward 1024 www.google.com:80
    typing localhost:1024 into you browser should connect you to google.

    But the easiest thing might be to use remote X forwarding (Set by deafult)


    ssh your.home.box

    This fires up moz. on your local screen, but you are actually surfing from home.

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    I respect the restricted sites of the company...

    I like the X idea, I wanted to that initially. I guess I need to get exceed or something.

    Thanks again,

    Atlanta, GA

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    Why not just do something like I do?

    vnc over ssh

    of course... you'll have to be able to install vnc so hopefully you have local admin priv.

    web filers can be a huge pain in the ass. it sucks when you have to call the "web filtering" admin and wait 5 days to determine if you can indeed go to the antivirus site that the filter blocked because of a false positive. (eg. had "hacker" in the meta fields)

    You'd think they wouldn't block other admins... at least... you'd think that.
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