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    what is software testing?
    what is load runner,winrunner
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    what is google(!?)

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    Dunno Val, did u spel it rite

    OK I will assume that this question contains more than it actually says:


    1. Unit testing = do the bits of code do what they are supposed to
    2. System testing = do the various elements work properly when they are assembled into the application itself (might also be called "end-to-end testing")
    3. User Acceptance Testing = Does the application meet the end user requirements

    Then there are "alpha testing"...........bits of the system or a very rough first edition
    "beta testing"...........a pre release/production edition.

    1-3 generally refer to "in-house" development, alpha and beta usually refer to stuff sold as COTS (commercial off the shelf) software.

    As well as functionality, there are compatibility tests, like will it work with other software? for this you use a "reference machine" which is a PC that emulates your standard desktop for the environment concerned.

    There are also "stress tests" where you check that a roll-out of the software will work in the existing environment, or what hardware enhancements/purchases you are going to have to budget for.

    OMG!...............I did not realise that I could describe maybe a quarter of my life in so few sentences


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