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Thread: Yahoo Takes Aim at Spam

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    Yahoo Takes Aim at Spam

    Did you ever try to get 5 different people to aggree to do something that wasn't completely in their own best interest. Well, Yahoo is trying to do just that, with the re-invention of 'DomainKeys'.
    DomainKeys have been brought up, at least, three different times, that I know of. And never really gotten off the drawing boards, so to speak. Now Yahoo wants to use them to stop spam.
    Full Artical Here
    Yahoo has developed a system that will go a long way toward curbing spam, the company claims. But the technology's success is dependent on its widespread industry adoption beyond the borders of Yahoo's e-mail servers, it says
    Achieving that type of consensus from people who run mail servers around the world will be difficult, especially at companies that may fail to see what value this has for them, he says. It's clear that initiatives such as this one are important for big e-mail service providers such as Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN, and America Online, but they are much less so for other companies and organizations that aren't in the e-mail provision business, he says
    I believe that it won't fly, because you would have to get all the ISP's that have there own mail server (most of them) to go along with the program, or be limited to onlythe big ones, Yahoo, MSN and such.
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    Even if Yahoo stop some SPAM. Yahoo will spam us exclusvely.

    I had a yahoo e-mail account and didn't gave it anywhere. I was daily scanning for spyware and trojans... and after one month i logged on and found 293 messages with ADs of course.

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    Might be off topic, but if all ISP's blocked ALL DYNAMIC IP's from their inmail servers, dont you think that would severly cut down on Spambots. Being as most spam comes from infected PC users unaware that they are spamming. By blocking their DYNAMIC IP Range from the inmail, this restricts all mail coming from 24-55-233-51-hou-rr.com ect... while allowing mail from mx.exchange.com ect...

    Just a thought
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    What would happen if the mail server operator had to change his key? (How would he get a new one and inform all of the other e-mail servers in the world the old one is no longer valid?)

    It doesn't sound evident that there is a central authority to manage the keys, and could create a monopoly of the e-mail giants controlling e-mail. IE Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL decide to protect users from SPAM by not releasing their keys to anyone except the three of them. Well, that is a little bit far fetched since Yahoo! plans on releasing the souce code. But is there going to be a central repository for keys? And what if the SPAMmers adopt this technology, and continually change their keys and domains around?

    (I'm just tossing out ideas...)

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